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  1. Reply yasmin says:

    My back and neck massage was bliss from the moment Palesa placed her magical hands on me. I normally don’t expect much from a massage or rather I don’t expect to still be feeling so relaxed and strain free hours later. I do! It was without a doubt, the most soothing, calming and sensational massage I’ve had in a long long…very long time! :) I would’ve left 100% satisfied and can only thank Rufaida for her suggestion to do a facial as well, which saw my satisfaction levels increase double fold. The products used are witout a doubt very near best, with not a single uncomfortable moment throughout my hour long facial. Palesa ensured that all my imperfections were well treated, leaving my skin glowing. If you are having any second thoughts about having either a facial or a massage done at Flamingo Top Health, put them to bed this second ladies! Worth it does not even come close to describing the experience:) You will be hearing from me again no doubt!

  2. Reply zareena... says:

    Ever since I was a teenager I had a huge problem with facial hair growing on my chin area. It made me feel like a man with a beard. !!llol..well only I wasn’t laughing, always crying. I twizzed, threaded, and waxed but only got worse! Mmm…untiil I met my ANGEL Rufaida. After my fourth treatment of IPL Laser hair removal, facial hair growth is a thing of the past. Iam so happy and more confident to show my face to th world. My skin is smooth and lovely and improoving with every treatment. I look in the mirror and smile. THANKYOU.

  3. Reply Michelle Van Tonder says:

    I started with the product and doing Manual Lymph drainage on the 1/2/2012 lost 2 cm on one leg in my first session. On the 16/2/2012 Manual lymph draining with the Ozo Slim lost 11.5 Centimeters. And believe me I could feel it in my pair of jeans.
    I am still busy with my treatment and using the home Ozo slim products. I will recommend this treatment and the product to anyone. Because you see results immediately but also the benefits of the Manual Lymph draining for the body.
    I also saw a difference in the appearance of cellulite and that is a plus for any woman.

    Want to thank the ozone Heaven studio team for introducing me to this awesome product.

    Michelle van Tonder

  4. Reply Tabasum says:

    I have to commend flamingo on there proffessionalism both in the salon and out. There is always a friendly face to greet you at the door and laughter to brighten up your day. After a very stressful family wedding week,i went into the salon for a foot exfoliation and foot massage followed by a back,neck and massage…
    As i walked into the beautifully scented room,the ambiance was set wit lit candles and soft instrumental sounds of nature. I already felt calm. Manini,my therapist,rejuvenated my very tired and sore feet. Her magical hands massaged my feet so intensely that i felt lavitated. As she moved on to my back,i realised just how much i needed this therapy. She worked vigorously on my knots yet gently on my neck and head area. Two minutes away from falling into deep slumber,it had to end. The massage was over and i felt light and releived of all stress. I truly felt like i was sleep walking in the clouds-definately a must every now and then. Flamingo top health…a hidden jewel. Keep it up

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