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Skin Lifting Mask

This Skin Tightening Liquid Enzyme Lift was designed for people on the go. This enzyme mask offers a cool citrus herb enzyme skin lifting treatment. This enzyme is already in liquid form, no measuring or mixing is needed.


  • Skin tightening treatment offers anti-ageing benefits via deep stimulating tissue regeneration
  • Deep cleansing whilst helping to reduce large pores and skins suffering from regular breakouts
  • A quick liquid Enzyme treatment that supports tissue strengthening
  • Resurfaces the skin and smoothes out fine lines
  • Instant SKIN BRIGHTENING liquid mask, gentle enough for Asian and Black skin types
  • Helps push pigment “up and out” by increasing the epidermal cell turnover rate
  • These enzymes have a friendly pH value and therefore are more effective than alpha hydroxy  acids— gently removing dead skin cells, leaving a smoother and brighter skin instantly.


  • Ageing and Photo Ageing;
  • Enlarged Pores;
  • Oily Skin;
  • Regular breakouts;
  • Melasma or Hyperpigmentation and Dry Rough Skin

Treatment time: 1 hour

Price: R 400.00





  • Sensitive skin renewal system – Multi-functional
  • Dissolves blackheads/comedones and skin breakouts
  • Reduces enlarged pores
  • Resurfaces and smoothes rough and oily skin
  • For all types of hyperpigmentation—melasma/chloasma, freckles, age spots
  • Excellent for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Treats photo aging/sun damaged faces, chest, hands and arms
  • Beneficial for ageing skins with superficial to medium lines


  • Contains 20% Salicylic Acid a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA)
  • Salicylic acid is an excellent keratolytic agent
  • It is thought to function through solubilization of intercellular cement, thereby reducing corneocyte adhesion
  • Because of its lipophilic nature, salicylic acid has a strong comedolytic effect (reducing blackheads)
  • Salicylic acid affects the arachidonic cascade and thus exhibits anti-inflammatory capabilities (anti-inflammatory peel effect) –


A history of allergy to aspirin, pregnancy and nursing mothers.

Avoid contact with eyes.

If contact occurs, flush immediately with water.

Treatment Time:  30 minutes

Price: R 550.00

Mary Cohr

CatioVital Face Treatment

Duration 1 Hour 10min

This is a personalized and exclusive treatment for all skin types.

The application of a “Sauna Heat Mask” detoxifies the pores, followed by a relaxing stimulating phase which uses ionization, to ensure that there is deep penetration of active ingredients.

This amazing facial is finished off with an essential oil massage and mask, to energize the skin and ensure renewed radiance. Your Skin is left feeling beautifully clean, radiant, plump and hydrated.

CatioVital Eye Treatment

Duration 30 min

This is an ideal facial for tired eyes with dark circles, puffiness and/or signs of ageing around the eye contour area.

With the use of galvanic current wrinkles, fine lines and signs of fatigue are minimized around the eye contour area.

CatioLift Treatment

Duration 1 Hour

This Facial will make you look ten years younger!!!

This has a non-surgical immediate „lifting effect‟ through muscular stimulation, including a lymphatic draining stimulation that boosts the skins vital functions, clearing toxins from the tissues and re-oxygenating the skin. It produces spectacular results after the very first session, but ideal in a course. The face shape is redefined, features smoothed and wrinkles and fine lines are visibly minimized.

CatioVital Lift Treatment

Duration 1 hour 30 min

This facial is the combination of the CatioVital face treatment and CatioLift lifting facial.

Beauté Lifting Treatment

Duration 50min

This is a manual facial treatment with 3 immediate rejuvenating effects:

anti-wrinkle, revitalizing and firming. The skin looks younger, smoother and more luminous; wrinkles will be a distant memory.


Peel and Lift

Duration 1 Hour

A skin renewal treatment that has a peeling action with fruit acids and an anti-ageing lifting action with Vitamin C. Your complexion is left more radiant and more luminous. Age spots fade away, the skin is smoother and more supple, with renewed firmness and youthfulness. This is an anti-aging peel treatment, which is one of a kind.


Beaute’ Aromatique Treatment

Duration 1 Hour

This is a personalized facial treatment with essential oils and plant

concentrates. This facial is both results-driven and relaxing. Your skin is left with visible long-lasting results, balanced skin and intense well-being.


Skin Tightening:

This is the original non-surgical face lift offered only in private clinics several years ago but is now available as part of the DANNÉ skin revision range. Using our exclusive enzyme masque group, this treatment will lift and tighten the appearance of the skin to unbelievable firmness.
DANNÉ Skin Tightening Treatment for Problem Skin

This treatment is for superficial wrinkles and/or numerous milia (whiteheads), comedones (blackheads) and congested pores. In addition to the benefits of the DANNÉ Skin Tightening Treatment as listed, this treatment is designed to hydrolyze deeper into the dead cuticle layer addressing these more severe skin problems. This treatment takes one hour and fifteen minutes but is well worth the reduction to these types of blemishes.

Bihaku – skin brightening treatment:

The effects of aging, stress and environment cause the skin to develop an uneven texture. It becomes coarser, pigmented and imperfections appear. The new DANNÉ Bihaku brightening treatment is a professional treatment program designed to help regain a lighter, more even and luminous complexion.

How does the treatment work?

Bihaku combines our Pro Alpha 1 solution which contains a blend of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids). This is blended with our Superbright cream which is a revolutionary blend of natural botanical ingredients including:


Phytic Acid

Ursolic Acid

When blended together, the ingredients above combine to create an effective process in the epidermis. This process brightens and reduces pigmentation, without the toxic side effects of hydroquinone. This blend is massaged into the skin followed by Danne Enzyme #1 masque containing the world famous messenger Enzymes. The treatment works on the internal skin functions, rebuilding stronger, healthier, firmer and more resilient skin.

The Result

Instantly lighter, brighter more youthful skin.

Muscle Banding:

This treatment is designed to lift and tighten tired, sagging facial muscles by sending deep contracting signals to the platysma muscles which run from the back of the base of the neck, muscles under the jaw line and again over the nasal labial muscles at the sides of the mouth. In fact any of the fifty-seven muscles of the face except the upper Orbicularis Oris (mouth) and under Orbiclaris Oculi (eyes), can be passively contracted and constricted with this remarkable treatment.


The DANNÉ melanoplex System has been hailed as the only pigmentation system that really works without bleaching the skin. This principle is based on prohibiting the amino acid Tyrosine from reacting with the enzyme Tyrosineaze to produce melanin. Several natural but potent inhibitors are used in the formulation of the DANNÉ melanoplex products that stop the production of Melanin while you are removing dark spots and hyper-pigmentation problems located in the upper layers of the epidermis. These types of pigmentation problems belong in the inflammatory category; hyper-pigmentation from the sources outside the skin such as sun damage, chemical burn, perfumes, or over zealous extractions of pimples, comedones or milia.

More severe conditions of hyper-pigmentation such as chloasmas from pregnancy or other hormonal induced melasmas will have to be treated with bleaching formulas in addition to melanoplex products. These conditions are known as passive pigmentation disorders. The DANNÉ alpha fade crème and alpha fade gel are formulated for safe but deep bleaching of dark spots. These treatments are effective on most types of pigmentation problems including lentigines (raised dark spots on again and badly sun damaged skins) and other less severe forms of uneven skin tones and it the most famous pigmentation removal system in South Africa, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan to date.

Liquid Laser:

Laser treatments performed by a doctor can many times be too invasive for certain clients, especially for areas around the eyes. Because of this, we experimented with our retosin lotion on patients coming to our Beverly Hills surgery center for facelifts. In many cases, under eye wrinkles looked even more predominate after the face was tightened with surgery.

Using this treatment, we had outstanding results in reducing these wrinkles. Even better, unlike laser, the Retosin liquid laser treatment actually helps to rebuild skin due to its high concentration of cell enhancing vitamin A and Beta-carotene.

Pro Alpha Six Layer Peel :

An effective resurfacing and remodelling procedure, for those wanting scar revision. This professionally applied formulation removes dead skin cells and instigates collagen development. The DANNÉ Pro Alpha Six layer Peel is considered to have an effect similar to laser or medical peels without the risk of trauma, long convalescence or possible contra-indications.

The procedure takes 14 days, using an exclusive blend of Alpha and beta hydroxy acids, applied systematically in layers, the number of layers are adjusted for your specific desired result and needs. The strength of the formulation is adjusted and tailored to your skin colour, texture sensitivity and specific condition.

Hydradermaze :

Suitable for non-inflamed congested skin
Hydradermaze is an advanced treatment program designed to eliminate and clear congestion. The program consists of a series of treatments performed every 14 days for approx 12 weeks. In addition to the professional treatments. The client MUST use the DANNÉ Acne Corrective product range at home daily.

Hydradermaze treats the key factors involved in the pathophysiology of acne, targeting the symptoms and addressing the actual cause of the condition. DANNÉ achieves long term results ensuring the condition does not return.
Hydradermaze treats the key factors involved in the pathophysiology of acne, targeting the symptoms and addressing the actual cause of the condition. We achieve long term results ensuring the condition won’t “just come back”.

A-lift :

The A-Lift is one of a number of DANNÉ treatments that targets the true concerns and reasons for aging. The A-Lift is conducted weekly over a series of 12+ weeks. This allows your DANNÉ technician to tailor all the visible and functional concerns that aging may be causing.

From wrinkles and fine lines to pigmentation, dehydration and saggy skin, the A-Lift will rebuild your skin to the way it’s genetic predisposition. You don’t have to look the age you are.

Juliette Armand

The Answer

SKIN BOOSTERS by Juliette Armand comprimises of facial and body treatments, in which the Chemist-Cosmetologist, Juliette Armand recommends, thus aiming at a result that could deter the need of plastic surgery.

SKIN BOOSTERS by Juliette Armand is the answer of cosmetology to the usual plastic aesthetic treatment of:


• chemical peeling (APOCALYPSIS THERAPY)

• blepharoplasty (OPSIS THERAPY)

• liposuction (SCHEMA THERAPY)

• mesotherapy (CHRONOS THERAPY)

• and many more injectible factial products combating ageing (hyaluronic acids, collagen, etc…)

This pioneering system consists of complete, personalized treatments, which ensure the optimum result promised since they are subject to high precision techniques rigorously observed by the beautician as Treatment Protocols.

The treatment system, SKIN BOOSTERS by Juliette Armand obtains advantage of all the biotechnological discoveries of scientific skin treatment. The natural functions of skin cells are reinforced so that they produce the required result themselves and offer the solution to a series of significant problems.


Now, your skin is astronger and more self-sufficient than ever. You now have every reason to be radiant with beauty, health and self-confidence.


Emotions leave their marks on our skin. Wrinkles of expression are formed each time we smile and each time we are surprised, angry or sad, resulting in repeated contractions of our muscles. As time elapses, the skin loses its elasticity, as its defensive mechanisms lose their power. Gradually slackening and wrinkles make their appearance.

It is time to hear about the latest ‘miracle’ of Cosmetology which ‘erases’ wrinkles of expression without the use of a lancet or surgical intervention and restores skin firmness with a proven effectiveness.

Thavma Therapy is a mission of action of I0 individual doses. This treatment is exclusively intended for beauty salons. It has been developed in the laboratories of the company Juliette Armand and is based on a sophisticated technological innovation called EFFECTOX TM acting against skin contractions.

Thavma Therapy achieves remarkable results:


• 30-50%: reduction in the fine lines of expression since the 28th day

• 3l%: skin elasticity enhancement since the 14th day

• 34%: skin moisturizing since the 14th day

• 23%: softer skin since the 14th day


• My wrinkles have been visibly reduced: 87%

• I feel that my skin is more vigorous: 85%

• My skin is softer. l00%

• My skin is more moisturized: 90%

• I feel better with my skin: l00%

[Clinical trial on 50 women. Self-evaluation after 4 weeks. ]

What is EFFECTOX TM technology?

The lines of expression (wrinkles) are formed on the face (in the eye contour area on the forehead between the eyebrows, around the mouth, and on the chin) due to constant and repeated movements of the facial muscles. To contract, muscles must receive a command. The command is conveyed to the muscles by certain substances called catecholamine (catecholamine= adrenaline + nor adrenaline) which are encaged in vesicles. This command is a biochemical process, dependent on the flow of Natrium (Na+) and Calcium ions (Ca++) in fibroblasts, which leads to the contraction of vesicles (exocytosis).Once the vesicles break catecholamine is released. For the splitting of vesicles, a protein (snare complex) is needed.

It is here that the technology EFFECTOX TM of Juliette Armand intervenes and:

• It neutralizes collagen hardening, loosens the muscles and fades the lines of expression

• (anti-glycation)

• It destabilizes SNARE protein

• It regulates the flow of Calcium (CA++) and Natrium (NA+) in fibroblasts

• It reduces the release of catecholamine in the muscles, resulting in the decrease of commands for muscle contraction, which means much less contractions of expression.

EFFECTOX TM technology inhibits the ability of the cells to contract, thus minimizing wrinkles of expression (muscle ageing). Nevertheless, this is not the only thing achieved. At the same time, it offers protection against three types of ageing (ageing due no time, ageing due to overexposure to solar radiation and hormonal ageing)


Opsis is what the others see in us, it is the reflection of our inner world. The eyes are our mirror and the first thing we see when we look … in a mirror. However, they are the most fragile facial feature. This is due to two reasons: On the one hand, because of muscle movements involved in the expressions of the face, the eye contour is the one that is strained most. Dehydration, stress, pollution and tiredness are a threat to the vigour and radiance of the skin in the eye contour. On the other hand, active elements used in treatments should not cause irritations to the mucosa.

You have heard that blepharoplasty (upper eyelid surgery) is an aesthetic surgery that “opens” the look and lends a youthful expression.

It is time to hear about the latest miracle of Cosmetology, which tackles the problems of the eye contour without the use of a lancet or a surgical intervention and with proven effectiveness.

Opsis Therapy is a mission of action of I0 individual “doses”. The treatment is exclusively intended for beauty salons. It has been developed in the laboratories of Juliette Armand and it is based on the sophisticated technological innovation ANTITOX 7 TM.

Opsis Therapy is a specific eye contour therapy that deters the appearance of wrinkles and black circles. At the same time, it combats swelling and dehydration, by activating and reinforcing the natural function of cells in the sensitive eye contour area. The look gains depth and charm, reflecting your mood for life.

ANTITOX TM technology deters DNA damage due to solar radiation (Prevention of DNA Damage), repairs DNA (DNA Repair), inhibits irritations and erythemas (anti-irritant), protects against pollution (anti-pollution) and prevents and treats ageing (anti-ageing).

Opsis Therapy achieves remarkable results:

• 60% reduction of irritation … in 20 minutes

• 67% environmental impacts … increase in resistance in 4 weeks

• 60% black circles — swellings … decrease in 8 weeks

• 46% decrease in erythema


You have certainly heard about injectable implants using pharmaceutical substances for rejuvenation and wrinkle filling

You have also heard about Mesotherapy, Rhytidelysis, lsolagen, New Fill, Sculptra etc.

It is now time to hear about the latest Cosmetology breakthrough, for preventing and combating the damages of time, without using any injections.

Chronos Therapy is a treatment that prevents and combats the marks that time may leave on the skin. Our skin is the most important field of defence in our organism.

Chronos Therapy acts as a skin shield. It is directly activated, each time that an environmental intruder tries to disrupt its sensitive biological balance

Chronos Therapy is a mission of action of I0 individual doses. It is a treatment intended exclusively for beauty salons. It has been developed in the laboratories of Juliette Armand and it is based on 3D technology. 3D technology is the three-dimensional combat against time, based on three systems:

• HYDRA SYSTEM, which enhances the water deposits of the skin through 2 types of hyaluronic acid, which can absorb and retain up to I000 times more water than their weight. This amount of water is gradually released thus moisturising the skin.

• ANTIAGING SYSTEM stimulates collagen and elastin production, and the function of fibroblasts is reinforced by the organism itself. In vitro studies of the BIOPEPTIDE CL that it contains have proven an increase in collagen composition by 350%. and in glucoseaminoglycans by l46%

• ANTIOXIDANT SYSTEM contributes to the anti-oxidative protection of the skin, with A Lipoic Acid (ALA) playing a primary role. ALA has been globally characterized as a powerful antioxidant of the metabolism. It is 400 times more powerful than vitamin E and vitamin C.

More information regarding detailed action of the above mentioned, innovative, specialized therapies can be found at until the South African website is constructed.

We thank you for taking the time to read this short but effective information guide regarding the Skin Booster therapy range.

We would also like you to please take note that the following information booklet refers strictly to the Skin Booster therapies (which are applied by a professional SPA or Salon). There are also retail products available from Juliette Armand from the Skin Booster range which are sold to the end consumer for home usage.

Juliette Armand offers training on the different types of therapies free of charge which also includes a certificate to the beautician informing end consumers that the beautician has been trained by Juliette Armand.


Please take note that the following information booklet refers strictly to the Skin Booster therapies (which are applied by a professional SPA or Salon). These Skin Booster Therapies are sold in their individual boxes which includes 10 treatments and 5 different stages/products used for those treatments.

There are also retail products available from Juliette Armand from the Skin Booster range which are sold to the end-consumer for home usage which are included in the Skin Boosters price list. Below are some of the products which include the end consumer retail products.


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