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For longer, fuller and more lustrous eyelashes!

Renokin Lash Lash is a product containing a patented complex of bio-mimetic peptides that changes
brittle, thin and short lashes into fuller, longer and healthier lashes. The peptides contained in Renokin
Lash Lash prevent hair cell damage as a result of stress and UV exposure as well as additional
environmental factors. In addition to this, hair loss is inhibited and new hair follicles are generated.
Renokin Lash Lash provides nutrition to the hair follicle resulting in the hair root becoming thicker
and healthier.


 Longer, healthier lashes


 No side effects evident after a 3 month clinical test.
 Renokin Lash Lash can be utilised by both men and women.
 Application is applicable for both eyelashes and eyebrows.
 Visible results are evident from 8 weeks.
 Proven effectiveness (in-vivo and in vitro data).
 Easy to application.
 Paraben free.

The Renokin Hair Revitalizing Program

Hair is an extension of skin and there exists many similarities between the management of
hair and the management of skin. It is for this reason that Lamelle Research Laboratories
has introduced a product range that encourages hair growth, stops hair loss and stimulates
the skin’s ability to create new hair follicles.

On average, people shed 50 to 100 hairs per day and an average scalp has about 100 000
hairs. Gradual thinning is a normal process of ageing however, hair loss may lead to
baldness when the rate of shedding exceeds the rate of re-growth, when new hair is thinner
than the hair shed or when hair is shed in patches.

The Renokin Hair Revitalizing program contains three biomimetic peptides which inhibit hair
loss, prevents stress induced hair cell death as well as activate the signal for hair growth. In
addition, Renokin Hair Revitalizing program contains two vitamins which provides nutrition
and enables increased blood flow to the scalp resulting on the formation of healthy hair.
Lastly, Renokin Hair Revitalizing program contains five natural plant extracts which aid in
preventing hair loss as well as strengthening the hair follicles, thereby providing a
comprehensive hair revitalizing program.

The benefits of Renokin Hair Revitalizing program

 Can be used in both men and women.
 Clinically proven active ingredients.
 Applicable to any type of hair loss.
 Innovative skin penetration technology of active ingredients into the scalp.
 Can be applied to coloured hair.
 Can be used as maintenance for healthy hair. New follicle development takes time to
 To be used for 3 months before visible results are evident.

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