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DMK Cosmetics:

‘The canvas must be prepared before the paint goes on!’ -Montague-King

After decades at the forefront of paramedical skin revision, DMK founder Danné Montague-King has joined forces with US cosmetic industry icon Tommy Parsons to create DMK Cosmetics – a new dimension in corrective makeup. DMK’s long-standing reputation for excellence in skin revision now comes full circle, with a brand new range of cosmetics developed to compliment and enhance its revolutionary treatment of skin conditions. ‘I wanted something that would not interfere with our paramedical skin treatments,’ says Montague-King. ‘Our approach to skincare has always been to rebuild from within, so it was crucial that any makeup we developed did not adversely affect the skin. Tommy understood this completely.’

Combining their passion, expertise and shared vision to never compromise on quality, DMK can now extend its unique, holistic skin concept into makeup. DMK Cosmetics can be worn with confidence by clients undergoing skin revision treatments, industry professionals looking for a superior product, or anyone seeking a range of makeup that not only has superior performance, but also enhances the health and beauty of their skin. The first phase of the coming range will feature foundations and powders. ‘The canvas must be prepared before the paint goes on!’ says Montague-King. ‘A base must not look or feel like anything else is there, even in the brightest sun.’ With a base of high quality ingredients, and no oils; the silicone-based foundation is applied to the skin ensuring smooth and thorough coverage.

With up to 53% pigmentation and special botanical ingredients such as BIOCENCE™, DMK cosmetics are about maximizing our client’s beauty.

DMK Cosmetics takes the concept of skin functionality into makeup, to provide the very best products for your skin.

DMK, quality without compromise.


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