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Instantly Brush-On Lash Extensions

Divaderme’s secret to perfect lavishly long full beautiful lashes. Instantly brush-on lash extensions that add hundreds of tiny natural lash fibers enriched with panthenol.Simply apply in between coats of your favorite mascara, or use with our “Mascara Diva” for fabulous results. The more coats you apply the more glamazing your lashes will look.

100% natural Italian Formula

RETAIL PRICE : R325 – available from www.flamingotophealth.co.za

Divaderme’s Mascara Diva instantly creates the longest, thickest, curviest lashes ever, resulting in an ultra-glam “just -off-the runway” look

Pure professional high tech lasting formula, with an intense deep kohl black shade that glides on smoothly and draws out every lash to glamorous lengths

The texture of Mascara Diva is unlike any other and is 100% natural

Price : R200 – Available from www.flamingotophealth.co.za

Divaderme Stimulash Intenso

A Unique Pure Essential Intense Herbal Concentration!

A unique advanced 100% herbal concentration that contains moisturizing and revitalizing nutrients essential for healthy lash growth.Divaderme Stimulash Intenso helps promote skin metabolism and micro-blood circulation which serves as a Stimulant to restore healthy roots. For use on Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Ingredients: Rosemary stimulates & improves circulation which increases the blood supply to the hair follicle. Lecithin is used to maximize hair volume. Ginseng Root encourages hair volume by promoting blood circulation to the scalp and unclogging the pores so the nutrients from the herb can get to the hair follicle. Panthenol binds hair follicles & acts as a humectant. Boswellia is an ancient herb which is also mentioned in the traditional “Ayurvedic texts” as a remedy for hair loss. It improves circulation. Carnauba Wax protects and strenthens new hair. Aloe Vera hydrates the lashes. “Intensogro”  fuses ingredients.

RETAIL PRICE: R399 Available from www.flamingotophealth.co.za


Instantly Brush-On Brow Extensions

These brush-on Brow Extensions are Divaderme’s secret to natural looking beautiful brows. If you have sparse or thin brows, you can, with minimal effort, have semi-permanent brows with beautiful natural colour.

BrowExtender adds hundreds of tiny fibers mixed with Italian sea mineral clay to your own brows, creating a very natural look. It is perfect for shaping, sculpting and filling-in brows. The Italian sea mineral clay is an ultra-fine pigmented powder infused with pure sea minerals and a blend of fine herbs and other precious ingredients. It sets in just sixty-seconds  and is semi-permanent.

RETAIL PRICE : R300 – available from www.flamingotophealth.co.za

Vacation in a Bottle

Semi Permanent All Natural Liquid Makeup

Divaderme Vacation In A Bottle – Liquid Skin is a 100% plant based natural tint that makes you look like you’ve been on vacation for weeks! A unique pure essential Herbal Concentration Italian formula that’s infused with anti-aging and skin repair technology.

Easy roll-on application is great for all skin types, evening out skin tones. SPF 15 provides a healthy vacation glow that stays on all day and does not rub off. It even dries instantly.

For All Skin Types

RETAIL PRICE : R359  available from www.flamingotophealth.co.za

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