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Breast Assured Booster-
The ever so effective Breast Assured Booster capsules are filled with the herbal natural benefits of Pueraria Mirifica the magical herb from Thailand. The phyto-estrogen naturally found in Pueraria mirifica help increasing the fatty tissues in breasts. A full course of Breast Assured Booster capsules can help firming and enlarging the breasts by nourishing every tissue, these should be taken in conjuction with the Breast Assured Capsules or after a course of the Capsules.
The Breast Assured Booster ensures that you get additional nutritional supplements that help your breasts to shape up. The breasts may begin to look toned up, fuller and firmer. Apart from assisting in breast enlargement, Breast Assured Booster is also said to provide extra benefits such as improved sexual desire, it does have anti-aging properties, skin tightening and hydrating. Natural ingredients present in Breast Capsules also help improving overall skin texture and keep hair healthy.

How to take the Booster:
You need to begin the Booster on the first day of your Period. ( If you don’t have a period then take the product for 15 days a month then rest)
You would take 2 capsules a day. One in the morning after breakfast and one after lunch.
You would only take the Booster for 15 days a month then wait for your next period to begin the process again. The formula is a high dosage formula and works best in burst of 15 days then your body has a break and you begin again. This like the name of our product suggest Boosts the results to work effectively and efficiently with your body. Results can be seen around 1-2 months and for full permanent results you would use it for a max of 6 months only!
If you are over 45 years old and would still like to use the Booster, we suggest you only take 1 capsule a day for each month as the 2 capsules is too strong after the age of 45 years.
Breast Assured Booster is best used with the Capsules when you have or use one or more of the following:

- You have a fast metabolism
- You are using a high dosage pill or injection conception
- You are over 20 years old
- You drink more than 1 cup of coffee daily
- You are very active
- You are under 45 years

Breast Assured Cream

Breast Assured Cream consists of a proprietary blend of mastogenic herbs and exotic plant extracts that has been proven to increase breast size by stimulating new cell growth in the mammary glands.?Your body responds to Breast Assured Cream the way it responds to puberty or pregnancy; with renewed glandular tissue growth in the breast receptor areas.
The active ingredients in the nutriceutical grade Breast Assured Cream are topically applied and transdermally delivered through the epidermis (skin layers) and direct to the desired enlargement area therefore retaining higher levels of efficacy and enhancing effectiveness.
The active ingredients go direct to the desired enlargement area via our advanced transdermal delivery system…thus delivering more effectiveness …faster. Higher grade and more potent extracts can be used for processing transdermal delivery. Helps :

* Firms up to 70%
* Tightening skin up to 60%
* Increasing fullness and shape of the breast
* Helps correct unbalanced breast sizes
* Helps relieve inverted nipples
* Helps fade and prevent stretch marks
* 100% safe and natural for women of all ages (and men)

Suitable for everyone over 16 years old, can be used in conjunction with the Breast Assured Capsules.

Breast Assured Capsules

Thousands of women have used the herbal approach and many doctors are currently recommending this method rather than surgery. The formula for Breast Assured is based on years of herbal research and has been successfully proven to be effective. Breast Assured contains 8 essential herbs, all pharmaceutically prepared and packed. With no undesirable side effects, Breast Assured helps stimulate the growth of new breast tissue, and can firm and tighten the entire breast area. You’re the one in control, because you take the tablets until you are happy with the results.

Breast Assured Capsules are best used in preference to the Booster when you have or use one or more of the following:
- You are over 18 years
- You suffer from irregular period cycles
- You have painful periods of cramps during your cycle
- You suffer from bad skin breakouts
- You are on a low-medium dosage pill or no contraception
- You have a sluggish metabolism
- If are over 45 years this formula will suite you better


 There is never any product that is 100% effective. We are all unique and so is our bodies and how they respond to herbs varies. The results depends on your bodies natural genetic size and if you didn’t fully develop during puberty. Which most of us don’t due to stress, hormone imbalance, bad diet…

The change can be permanent if you take the product for 6-9 months.

Results are normally seen within 2-4 months. Results vary person to person. Some may grow 5cm in 4 months others 1 cup size.



Here are most of the questions from the customers:

How to take the booster and the capsules?

Take the Booster every 2 months for 15 days during your cycle, instead of the Breast Assured Capsules. Then go back onto the Breast Assured Capsules until you start your next cycle. By taking the Booster every 2 months while on the Capsules you can boost optimise the action these functional food suppliments. This means more effective results for your body type and lifestyle.


How does Breast Assured work?
The formula works by using natures own pharmacy in the form of herbs. Plants contain phytochemicals that have their effects on the body. The products are formulated with herbs that are traditionally known for their firming and balancing effects. The positive results our customers report, speak for themselves.

Will Breast Assured™ interact with my contraception pills?
There is no documented interaction with the various herbs used in Breast Assured and contraceptive pills, that we know of. However it is always recommended to consult with your Doctor or healthcare provider before taking new supplements with your medication.

Can I use Breast Assured while pregnant or breast-feeding?
No, you should not take Breast Assured if you are pregnant or lactating. Rather wait till your body has adapted back to its normal cycle.

Are there any Adverse reactions?
Breast Assured is an all-natural herbal dietary supplement. There are no known negative side effects. Before taking any dietary supplement, women with special medical conditions, pregnant or lactating are encouraged to consult with their Doctor first.

Will Breast Assured make me fat in other places?
We have had no reports of Breast Assured effecting your overall body weight, or causing you to gain additional unwanted weight.

Is Breast Assured discreet?
Yes, Breast Assured is always sent in unmarked packages with a return address. There is no mention on the outside of the outer package as to what is contained inside.

How many capsules do I take each day?
Daily recommended dosage is two capsules per day. Each bottle contains 120 capsules which is equivalent to a two month supply.

How long must the products use?

The product must be use for 6-9 months for permanent result.

How to monitor results:
• Keep a diary of your progress
• Measure every 3 days
• Make a special note of improved mood and comfort during your period

What you might feel:
• Tingling in breast
• Tightening and firming
• Tenderness

How to optimise the results:
• Watch your intake of coffee and tea
• Drink lots of water. ±2 Litres per day
• It helps if you avoid smoking

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