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LeChat Gel Nail Treatments:

Le Chat powder gel nails have the strength of Acrylic with the gentleness of Gel.
French Tips, Clear Tips, Glass Tips, Nail Art


Sh’zen Basic:

Exfoliate, File, Remove Cuticles, Massage & Paint/Buff Nails.

Chocolate Paraffin:

Mask & soak in luxurious chocolate wax.

Danne Deluxe Spa Manicure:

Completely anti-ageing with an application of Body Enzyme Mask.


Sh’zen Basic:

Removal of callouses, dry & cracked heels, exfoliation, file, remove cuticles, massage &
buff/paint nails.

Chocolate Paraffin:

Mask & soak in luxurious chocolate wax.

Medi Pedi:


Get your baby feet back.
Traditional pedicures use blades or sharp cutting tools to cut away callouses or hardened skin on the feet. DANNÉ utilises its alkaline formulations to soften and dissolve the dead s

kin away instead of causing further scar tissue with a knife.
MediPedi gives exceptional visible and tactile improvements in just one treatment leaving the roughest, most cracked and calloused feet both smooth and soft.
Long term results can be achieved with regular maintenance MediPedi treatments.

Danne Deluxe Spa Pedi:

Completely anti-ageing treatment with body enzyme mask.

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